Over 400 students have enrolled in Mix By Design. Many of them have achieved significant results from applying the material inside the course. Here are a few of their stories...

Christopher Woudstra | Audio Engineer

Dan Bradley | Mixer

Charles Gibbs | Live Sound Engineer

Bob Power | 3x Grammy-Winning Mixer

Lorraine Davis | EDM Producer *^+

Mark Wheeler | Musician *

Mutalib Salami | Artist/Producer

Justin Barnes | Artist *+

Kavin Ruang | Producer

Rob Mayzes | Founder Of Musician On A Mission

Gui Gautreaux | Drummer/Producer +

Ove Johansson | Singer/Songwriter

Patrick Jeitz | Mixer/Producer +

Andreas Niederwieser | Producer

Henry Lyons | Producer/Student

Gabe "Ashworth" Kirshoff | Artist/Producer Signed to Ultra Music *

* = also enrolled in Mixing Low End | ^ = also enrolled in my Virtual Mentor Coaching Program | + = also enrolled in my Vocal Mixing Masterclass

Ready to experience your own mixing success story?

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Ready to experience your own mixing success story?